The location - Malleshwaram, Bangalore

The space - A 2,000 sq ft home

The brief - To transform an old-style home into a contemporary space without losing its ethnic flavor.

The Cross Currents Design Experience - Taking the best of the old and blending in the new, the Cross Currents team gave the home that was heavy on traditional elements a contemporary treatment. The team infused a freshness into the home by reconfiguring rooms to bring about a quality of airiness and light.

  • Wood and brass elements were used throughout the house to give a feeling of warmth and richness
  • The wall separating the foyer and living room was removed to create an open feel. The load bearing columns were treated with wall paper to make them look like a design element
  • The original red granite floor tiles were replaced with light colored vitrified tiles to create a sense of space
  • A Tanjore painting from the client’s collection was given center stage in the living room.
  • Contemporary rugs were used to balance the traditional feel of the room
  • Heavy drapes were replaced with sheer curtains to allow light in
  • The client’s antiques were repositioned and repurposed in a way that highlighted the beauty of these collectible
  • The original teakwood bases of the dining table were retained and the glass top was replaced by a wooden top with delicate detailing. Upholstered chairs in luxuriant fabrics completed the look.
  • The attached puja room was redesigned and fitted with a wooden door with brass inlay work and a backlit panel where the vibrant mantap was placed.
  • The furnishings and walls of the master bedroom featured rich gold elements. Lifesize sculptures of a pair of angels were positioned in a niche in the master bedroom to create a striking effect.
  • The walk-in closet was opened up to make it part of the bedroom
  • In the guest bedroom, an exquisite four poster bed was given a facelift and a rich brocade panel headboard was attached