The location - Langford Town, Bangalore

The space - A 4,500 sq feet duplex apartment

The brief - To create a luxurious, designer space for a family of 4. The Cross Currents team was given full freedom to choose themes and materials.

The Cross Currents Design Experience - After a series of one-on-one meetings with the client, the Cross Currents team ideated and designed a home that was plush, elegant and timeless in its appeal. The end result was a space that was truly reflective of the requirements and aesthetics of the family.

  • The living, dining and master bedrooms on the lower level were designed with a distinct contemporary aesthetic
  • For the older son’s room, a modern, seamless look was achieved by combining the bedroom and walk-in closet with the bathroom, with the spaces being separated only by glass
  • An opulent powder room was conceptualized, complete with backlit mirror, Armani brown tiles and a backlit ceiling with wooden filigree design
  • Classical elements were used for the grandparent’s room to lend it a warm, homely feel
  • An unconventional brown and blue palette was used for the master bedroom. The stand out feature of the bedroom is the exquisitely embroidered leather panel in the cozy alcove
  • An informal yet modern look for the family room was achieved with comfortable seating, a billiards table and state-of-the-art entertainment console